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An increasing scarcity of water, as well as health risks from pollution, is fueling an emerging market for more efficient and innovative water and health management solutions. WAMTechnology is a provider of technological solutions and specialist engineering services in both the health and water sectors.

In addition, WAMTechnology has been responsible for managing, operating and supporting the South African electronic registers for both TB and drug-resistant TB on behalf of our National Department of Health, as well as developing the electronic HIV register for the University of Cape Town. All three systems are in use nationally, and a number of implementations have also been done across our borders into neighbouring countries.

Our water infrastructure operational management system has been implemented in 54 municipalities in southern Africa, whereby we provide engineering services and assist municipalities in managing and operating water and waste water plants on a daily basis.

In addition to these core areas of expertise, we also develop software applications on an ad hoc basis and provide various specialist services in numerous water related areas.

More recently, WAMTechnology extended its specialist services into the areas of Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Studies and completed an international project covering six African countries — evaluating and reporting the challenges related to potable water, as well as public health and safety hazards derived from floods and droughts, in specific communities.

our values

We are committed to conserving water by ensuring it remains a sustainable resource, and to strengthening our national health systems to continue combatting TB and HIV/AIDS.

our mission

Our mission outlines what we do and who we are.

We are a people and solution driven company which strives to transfer our knowledge and experience to the people we work with. In partnerships with our clients, we create sustainable solutions for water and health related projects.

We are a team of highly dedicated and skilled professionals, all of whom contribute invaluably to this growing, dynamic company.

our solutions

WAMTechnology provides integrated solutions that are cost effective and that maximise efficiency to help achieve good governance. Our services include:

  • ASSESSING your information gathering / systems monitoring processes, providing software programs and tools which
  • INNOVATE using the information gathered / monitored
  • TRAINING and supporting staff and stakeholders in how to use programs, and
  • EMPOWERING and supporting staff and stakeholders in how to use applications, and
  • SUSTAINING the systems we help put in place via testing, reporting, updates and feedback.

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WAMTechnology CC
Close Corporation (CC)
Willem Botes, The Milack Trust, Alice Punt



company structure

WAMTechnology CC is a Microsoft Certified Partner having successfully met the requirements for the Independent Software Vendor competency.

our history

Since our establishment in 1995, WAMTechnology has provided on site systems implementation and training assistance throughout South Africa, as well as in numerous countries across the world.

Although key focus areas are public health (TB/HIV, nutrition, food security etc.) and water information systems, WAMTechnology has been involved in many projects related to other sectors, including the financial and retail industries.

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