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Municipal Assistantâ„¢ Software

The Municipal Assistant™ System is our flagship product with over 54 implementations successfully completed in South and Southern Africa.. This is a software system, with a central database and “digital filing system”, with output modules to facilitate the management, administrative and operational, of water care works, waste water works and related activities. 

The production of safe drinking water and the discharge of acceptable quality effluent to rivers, which is critically dependent on equipment that is maintained, staff that are technically skilled and management that is leading a team effort. Municipal Assistant system facilitates these - and other vital processes - thereby improving service delivery through innovation.

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  • Asset inventory (according to MIG guidelines)
  • Asset cost and lifespan
  • Asset assessment
  • Reactive maintenance (incl job cards and reminders)
  • Preventative maintenance (incl job cards and reminders)
  • GRAP 17
  • Risk assessments
  • Stock control
  • Water Care Works
  • Water quality data
  • Flow data
  • Incidents
  • User inspections (daily operations)
  • Staff
  • Export data to BDS and GDS (csv file)
  • Sludge
  • Water demand
  • Geo overview
  • Pipeline profiler
  • Solar calculator
  • Pump calculator (system curves)
  • Water safety plan
  • Weather
  • Soil monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Wastewater calculator
  • Conversions
  • WQ guidelines
  • Hydraulic concepts
  • Equipment info
  • Buildings and land
  • Budget
  • Vehicles
  • Suppliers
  • Literature
  • Staff and skills
  • Sewage Load Estimator
  • NEW - Cost Estimator
  • NEW - System is hosted on Cloud Server for easy access

clients using Municipal Assistant

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Professional Services
>  Software Development
>  Project Management
>  Training and Mentoring Programs
>  Civil Engineering Services
>  Blue Drop Certification Assistance
>  Green Drop Certification Assistance
>  Service Level Agreements
>  Technical Support Services
Water and Sanitation
>  Staff Requirements and Assessments
>  Process Assessments
>  Asset Reporting (including Condition, Lifespan and Replacement Costs)
>  Asset Assessments
>  Pipeline Profiling
>  Hydraulics and GIS plotting
>  Operational Manuals
>  Layout Diagrams
>  Flow Diagrams
>  Technical Drawings
>  Reactive Maintenance Recording
>  Preventive Maintenance Planning