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HIV Electronic Register (TIER.Net)

The TIER.Net system (previously known as the HIV eRegister) captures data elements and resulting indicators (based on the WHO paper registers) required to monitor HIV and ART services. Monthly and quarterly reports can be generated, with data encrypted dispatch files transferred to higher management levels (e.g. provinces or national) for further analysis. The system also supports WHO reports, such as: WHO Cohort and WHO Cross Sectional Monthly Reports. 

The TIER.Net software can also export data and cohort reports to MS Excel. 

Data can be exchanged between the TIER.Net software and external software tools using a modified version of the HICDEP (HIV Cohorts Data Exchange Protocol) format. TIER.Net can also import data from EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems if they export data in the relevant format.

TIER.Net is a facility based patient management system implemented throughout South Africa and has also been implemented in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Sudan.

clients using Tier.Net (Three Interlinked Electronic Register for TB & HIV)

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